There are still some pillows available at Transistor, Wolfbait and Homesoul in Chicago.

Willkommen to the neighborhoods!

The beautiful city of Chicago is defined by its vibrant neighborhoods. Each of them has its own character that is reflected in the architecture. Its houses are as diverse and welcoming as the people who inhabit them. German designer Julia Thiel decided to celebrate them by designing fabric patterns with actual houses.


Andersonville. Lakeview. Wicker Park


Three pillowcases start the NeighborHäuser™ collection. Eco-friendly, screen printed and made in Chicago. More neighborhoods coming soon. In other cities, too. Sign up for the NeighborHäuser™ Newsletter to get notified when your neighborhood is available. Coming up next: Ravenswood, Logan Square, Evanston... and Franklin, Tennessee! 


Häuser = houses. Umlauts = fun. #NeighborHäuser


New Arrivals

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