There are still some pillows available at Transistor, Wolfbait and Homesoul in Chicago.

I'm above the fold!

I went downstairs to pick up my mail today, noticed the DNAinfo paper among all the other advertisements and holiday cards, and thought to myself how nice it would be if I got a little blurb in here, since they had run a great article about me and the pillows in their online edition. So I get upstairs, and pull out the paper from the stack of mail, and find my own mug smiling back at me from the front page! I'd never in a million years have thought I'd end up above the fold, especially in this lovely Chicago neighborhood paper! So, I have to say... this feels pretty damn exciting.

Ending the year on a great note. Thanks Josh McGhee (@TheVoiceofJosh) and @DNA info Chicago (@DNAinfoChi)!