There are still Andersonville pillows available at Transistor, Wolfbait and Homesoul in Chicago.


Julia Thiel

I’m Julia Thiel. I was born in Munich, Germany, but they say if you've lived in Chicago for over 10 years, you're a native. 

When I first moved to Chicago in 2004, I immediately fell in love with its multifaceted architecture. The residential neighborhoods fascinated me even more than the iconic skyline. I found Chicago’s communities to be as diverse in people as they are in architectural style—a true melting pot. Small, big, skinny, wide, old, new, fancy, cute, extravagant, simple...  The city’s wonderful houses have inspired the NeighborHäuser™ collection.

And, just like Chicago—ever-growing, ever-changing—I’ve got big plans, too. I’ll be expanding the NeighborHäuser™ product line with more neighborhoods and cities, as well as other products. Check back often to see if I've been in your hood. Who knows?—your Haus might end up on a shower curtain!

Thanks for stopping by! Danke.

Häuser = houses. Umlauts = fun. #NeighborHäuser™